CMU following White House's sexual assault guidelines

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Students are sounding off on the national statistic that one in five female college students has been assaulted in their college career.

"I think it's a problem on a lot of college campuses especially when alcohol gets involved," Travis Greve, CMU Student.

Although the rate of assaults at CMU is below the national average at just two reported sexual assaults in 2012, officials are taking a stance and working to educate and prevent these situations from happening and sometimes it means stepping in even when you're not involved.

"You see something going on that you know isn't right we want to make sure students are empowered to step forward and say hey i'm going to be part of the solution to prevent this from happening," says John Marshall, Vice President for Student Services.

Back in 2012 CMU started a 24 hour hotline called the sexual assault response team. If students find themselves in a bad situation and don't know who to turn to they can call SART. A trained member of the team will support them in finding resources and will help in reporting the crime.

CMU also has 10 emergency blue phones set up around the campus where with a push of a button you can call for help.

Students said their minds are at ease because of all of these services.

"I have always felt safe on campus," Conor Burk, CMU Student.

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