CMU ranks in top 15 for most drug arrests in the US

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. In 2010 there were less than forty drug violations leading to arrests on Colorado Mesa University campus property; but in 2012, that number more than doubled.

A recent report released by ranks the University at 13th among all colleges in the country for most number of drug arrests.

Numbers used to create the rankings come from CMU's 2013 Clery report, updated last September.

In an interview about the report back in October 2013, Vice President of Student Services, John Marshall, says the report is used to create trust with the school's families.

"The intent of this law is to really be as transparent as possible about how safe our campuses are and provide our students and families with as much information as possible," says Marshall.

In that same interview., Marshall addressed the trend of a rising number of violations.

He says as the campus has grown, the incidence of substance abuse has followed that same trend.

Another thing to mention - CMU doesn't have their own police force.

Instead, the Grand Junction Police Department works closely with the school, and says they enforce any violations, which could also amount to the higher numbers.

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