CMU softball gives you chance to take a swing

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Do you think you could hit a homerun off a college softball pitcher? Friday, that was the challenge, as CMU fans came out to support the softball team.

Ten bucks got you five swings against a CMU pitcher, and for every homerun, you could get a dollar back, only, there weren't many of those, at least from KKCO’s batters.

Anchor Glen Mills, weekend anchor Rob Hughes and reporter Brian Shlonsky all took cuts, but couldn't get the ball over the fence, as the pitchers were bringing the heat, the radar gun clocking pitches more than 65 miles per hour.

“We're going to try to strike out whoever comes out tonight, so see if they can face our pitchers and see what they can do against us,” CMU junior pitcher Jessica Severinsen said.

Money raised Friday will go to buy the girl's equipment and fund trips for the team to face different opponents.

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