CMU tuition hike will be lowest in the state

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The countdown is on and in just over a week, college students will be heading back to Colorado Mesa University. This year they'll be welcomed back by a higher tuition.

Students will see a 4.93 percent tuition increase for the 2012-13 school year, but this is the lowest increase in the state for the second year in a row. The school says it's trying to keep the rate down as much as possible, but when you're trying to produce a quality product, the cost can add up.

"You get into that balance of, you can make it very inexpensive and not have quality and it's pretty much a waste of time, and then you can make it really high quality and very expensive and you can't afford it. So there's that balance, how do you try and maintain quality and at the same time try and keep it as affordable as possible? We're always working on that and struggling with that," CMU president Tim Foster said.

In addition to having the state cut back on funding, CMU faces the costs of employing and hiring more people, running its facilities and getting new technology to provide its students the best opportunities as possible.

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