CMU women go Greek

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CMU women are going greek. The University is hosting several interest group meetings this week to see how many female students are interested in spear heading the process.

The interest group is called women interested in Greek life and is in the beginning stages, and it will be about a year before sororities are introduced to the campus.

Students who are interested are in invited to come to interest meetings this week. Chelsie Roth transferred from Colorado State University and said she is excited to help bring Greek life to CMU.

"I think that it says something when you meet friends through doing philanthropic work and having an academic standard, you actually meet people who you can create bonds with that will sustain into the future" said Roth.

Officials on campus plan to bring on two sororities by this time next year. Last year the Kappa Sigma Fraternity opened a chapter on campus and officials say the group is having a positive impact on the CMU community.

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