CPW says don't touch baby animals

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. They may look sweet and vulnerable, but Colorado Parks and Wildlife is requesting people don't touch baby animals and don't try to rescue them either.

This time of year people start turning in baby animals to Colorado Parks and Wildlife offices and veterinarians because they find them alone and think they've been abandoned.

In reality, animals purposely leave their young for extended periods of time, which CPW's Mike Porras said is safer than pulling them out of their natural habitat.

"Wild animals have been surviving for millions of years on their own instincts," Porras said. "They don't need humans to intervene."

If you think a baby animal is in distress, sick or in danger, CPW asks people to call the wildlife office closest to them so an expert can evaluate the situation.

CPW's Grand Junction Wildlife Service Center can be contacted at 970-255-6100.

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