CU looks closer at those seeking in-state tuition

CU Boulder Campus
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BOULDER, Colo. (AP) Beginning this spring, University of Colorado students will have to show more proof that they are legally and financially independent from their parents or others to receive in-state tuition based on emancipation.

CU system spokesman Ken McConnellogue tells the Daily Camera the university has "beefed up" the petition process for students claiming they are independent from their parents, relatives and friends to become residents and receive cheaper in-state tuition rates.

An email sent to students this fall from the CU-Boulder registrar's office explains that the modified guidelines "look more closely at any outside support provided to the student, including support from parents, grandparents, friends, etc."

Emancipated minors are younger than 22 and have been independent from their parents or guardians, financially and residentially, for at least a year.

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