Cabela's hosts Ladies Day Out

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Millions of women are now getting outside and participating in outdoor activities, from 2005 to 2011 the number of women hunters grew 25%, that 11% of the 14 million hunters in the United States.

Outdoor Enthusiast Mollie Woodard said she really enjoys getting outside with her whole family, "I love the outdoors and I sure hope more women come out and join us.”

All over the country more women are taking action and getting involved in the outdoors.
Now, more than five million women participate in shooting sports, such as archery, hunting, and fishing.

"I wouldn't trade it for anything that experience to being out on the water, and fishing and catching that fish for my family its just a treasured thing we do," said Woodard.

Cabela's is celebrating these rising numbers by hosting ladies day out.
The event gave women the opportunity to learn about a variety of new sports and try a few out.

Seminars on Fly fishing, back country navigation, camping and archery were also available to any women who came to Cabela’s on Saturday.

Lauren Truitt from Cabela’s said the store is really excited to have more and more women enjoying outdoor sports, "These are the ladies that are leading the next generation of outdoor enthusiast, now its become a family activity to get outside, everybody gets to go out there and enjoy whatever passion drives them."

Because of the huge increase in Women outdoorsmen, more clothing and equipment options such as Bows, fishing poles, and guns are being designed with women in mind.

"This is a really great experience, because for women in our community there's a lot of things to go to but none of them are specifically geared towards women,” said Woodard.

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