Cactus Canyon Closing?

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CLIFTON, Colo. Tips on social media suggest that a well-known Grand Valley country bar may be closing its doors for good.

There are rumors that Cactus Canyon may officially be tapped out of business.

We did our own investigation into the matter and found several workers loading equipment and furniture from the venue into a moving van parked near the entrance of the establishment.

The main seating area and bar were in the process of being packed up, and furniture and alcohol were being removed from their usual places.

Supervisors at Cactus Canyon declined any on-camera interviews and would not confirm they were officially going out of business.

There was a “For Lease” sign hanging on the property and neighboring businesses owners had no other information to offer.

Cactus Canyon will not return any of our correspondence regarding their business operations.

We will bring you the latest details on the story as more information comes into our newsroom.

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