Candidates debate for House District 55 seat

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REDLANDS, Colo. Candidates in the race for State House District 55 shared why they think voters should check their name on the primary ballot.

Dan Thurlow and Steve Acquafresca spoke with the Redlands Rotary Club about their platforms.

Acquafresca discussed how he wants to bring his own experiences as Mesa County commissioner to the state capitol.

"My positions are very strong. Local control, local freedom, the ability for us to control our own future over here," Acquafresca said.

Dan Thurlow talked about his life as a businessman and how it would diversify the House.

"My premise is that we have too much regulation of business, too much taxation of business and we could help our community create jobs and prosper if we could get rid of some of that regulation," Thurlow said.

The primary election will be June 24.

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