Candidates gear up for the upcoming election

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MESA COUNTY,Colo. Election time is nearing and candidates are making preparations with their teams as we approach the 60 day mark.

60 days not only means there are only two months left until the November 4th election it also marks the beginning of when candidates are allowed to post signs within city limits.

Now candidate Matt Lewis said his team is getting ready to make a big push to get out and meet the residents of Mesa County.

“I'll be meeting with people in the community, as many people as I can through service groups, home owners associations looking to talk to people looking to kind of give people my message," said Lewis.

Write in candidate Mike Harlow is also making preparations for the upcoming election and already has some of his signs out for the public to see.

"I’ll put all I can; name recognition is everything if they say Mike who they won't vote for you," said Harlow.

Candidates said their main focus right now is getting out in the community and meeting residents.

There are five candidates currently running to be the next Mesa County Sheriff Mike Harlow, Pat Arotin, Benita Philips, James Lange, and Matt Lewis.

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