Pet owner feels Canyon View Dog Park is dangerous

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) Canyon View Dog Park is a popular destination for people and their pets, but one dog owner feels the facility may be dangerous for her dog.

Canyon View has the only dog park in Grand Junction, frequently visited by pet parents and their pooches. Dogs are able to roam freely in the fenced-in facility maintained by the City of Grand Junction, but one owner says the dog park needs to be better taken care of.

"There's weeds everywhere, sticker patches, they hardly ever mow so the weeds will get taller than a bigger sized dog," said dog owner Morgan Doran-Harris.

Doran-Harris also feels there are too many open holes at the park, which resulted in a trip to the vet for one of her dogs.

“One of my dogs actually ran into the holes and they actually cut their pads open and ripped their nails, they had to make a vet visit because of that," said Doran-Harris.

The Parks Operations office for the City of Grand Junction says they maintain the dog park daily, and the problem they see with the dog park is a positive one.

“It's a good problem, it's because it's so heavily used, the dogs have a blast, the people have a blast,” Mike Vendegna Grand Junction Parks Superintendent.

As for the weeds, Vendenga says part of issue is mother ature.

“We've had probably the worst weed year we've had in the Grand Valley for 20 years with the moisture and the weeds and they got away from us a little bit, but we're cleaned up and we're ready to go," said Vendegna.

The city says the dog park may look like it isn't maintained at times because it's different than other parts of Canyon View.

“The appearance there is different than you would have in an athletic field or just right across the street where it is not nearly used as much," said Vendegna.

For now, Morgan hopes the city will do a better job of keeping up the park, and she will continue to be a voice for her dogs.

“People have to speak up for their dogs too,” said Doran-Harris.

The Grand Junction Parks Operations Office also explained why there isn't grass in the Canyon View Dog Park.

They say an irrigation system would be impossible to put in place because dogs are running around the park during the day when they would need to plant seeds and water the lawn.

The city also says all of the funding for parks in Grand Junction is distributed equally. And each park is held to the same standards when it comes to maintenance.

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