Car club drops off toys to Community Hospital

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Going to the emergency department can be a scary time for children, but members from the Just-4-Fun Car Club are hoping to make the experience a little more comfortable for the little ones.

Early Saturday, 40 cars from the club made a special delivery from Santa to Community Hospital. Hundreds of toys made their way into the emergency room by way of fancy rides. Each of the stuffed animals will be handed out to children coming into the emergency room during the holidays and through out the next year.

"We are just excited to be Community Hospital and be a part of the community and have the support of the car club, and the fact that they have chosen Community Hospital to be their partner is a great honor," Community Hospital president and CEO Chris Thomas said.

Thomas says some years the car club will make two donations and the stuffed animals usually last until the summer.

Hospital staff says it’s great to have something to offer the kids when they arrive, and the stuffed animals instantly make for a friendlier environment.