Caring for Brain and Psychological Health injuries

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo.- The Western Colorado Area Health Center (WCAHEC) is hosting a Summit, featuring national experts on brain and psychological health injuries on Saturday Oct. 13.

Trauma of the war continues to appear thousands of miles from the battlefield. Only about half or the nation’s veterans seek care through the Veterans Affairs Department. Instead many veterans rely on civilian providers in their communities.

There are over 4 ½ million civilian head injuries suffered each year from these veterans. The Summit will offer important lessons and skills to recognize and care for our returning troops and loved ones.

The Executive Director of WCAHEC, Dr. Carol Griffin-Jeansonne states, “It is so important that all of us understand the very real danger of frequency of U.S. head injuries.” The Centers for Disease Control estimate 1.7 million have head injuries every year.

Senator Michael Bennet will kick off the summit. Presenters will include Dr. James Kelly, a neurologist who helped write the book on concussion guidelines. Kelly is currently Director of the National Intrepid Center of Excellence based on Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Continuing Medical Education is available to the community and health care providers will find much to value. Teachers, coaches, parents, veterans, clergy counselors, elected officials, and many others will benefit from the inspiration and education provided. “Understanding the issue can pave the way to protecting our loved ones,” says Griffin-Jeansonne.

To register for the Summit go to: or call 970-244-8400.

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