Celebrating Lost Mavs

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Gretchen Carrow, a former CMU student athlete who took her own life just last month, was one of many former Mavs who were honored at the 8th annual Remembrance Day; and if there's one thing they stressed at the event it was that the gathering was to celebrate the lives of those who were lost, not to mourn.

"It really gives everyone the opportunity to not mourn but celebrate their fellow students," says CMU President, Tim Foster. "Current ones that they remember and then families come back and I think they appreciate an opportunity just to stop and reflect."

"I think it shows that we haven't forgotten," says senior Bonnie Masters. "I think that's always important to them. It's not something we put by the wayside, these people are just as important even though they're not standing here today with us."

Stacie Draper attended the event to honor her friend Karen VanHoy who passed away just a week after she graduated in May.

"I loved it, I thought it was very good and I like how this campus is a community," says Draper. "She's looking down smiling."

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