Celebrating Presidents Day with the Redlands Lions Club

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) – Monday was President's Day, and there are those who wanted to help make a very public display while celebrating the holiday.

For many who live in the Redlands celebrating President's Day by displaying our nation's flag has become a tradition. The Redlands Lions Club offers a flag service for several holidays throughout the year including Presiden't Day.

They put out American flags in front of their customer's homes and say the tradition is a way to display patriotism for our country. The club puts out the flags for 9 holidays each year for a donation of $30. "To drive down the streets and see the American flags being portrayed and demonstrated to the world that we are proud of what we have and what this country is about. The Lions Club uses this as a fundraiser but yet it also provides a show of support of patriotism to the United States," says David Mcilnay, who is with the Lions Club.

Club members started putting theflags up this morning at 7 and are taking them down that same night. They put flags out for about 600 customers.

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