Changes coming to District 51's parent, teacher web portal

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MESA COUNTY, Colo. The tool District 51 parents use to keep tabs on their children's academics, attendance and even immunizations online is being overhauled in just a couple of weeks.

Parent Bridge has kept parents in touch with teachers for more than 10 years, but District 51 bought a new student data system last year that came with a fully integrated, free parent portal.

ParentVUE will offer the same information, but with a different look with tabs on the side of the computer screen rather than at the top.

"All of the functionalities should be there, so people should be able to find it," said Christy McGee, of District 51. "It will just be in a little bit of a different place."

Also, District 51 staff no longer has to transfer information to get it to parents because it is already integrated into the student data system.

"Just be more seamless. It will all be right there. Whereas right now, we're integrating it and we're bringing it over from one system to another," McGee said.

ParentVUE will also offer opportunities for expansion in types of information included as well as the possibility of phone applications.

"Things that we couldn't have done in Parent Bridge because we customized it and so it was kind of limited to our capability," she said. "This really provides a third-party expertise on what can they do."

Parents who already use Parent Bridge will receive an email in coming weeks with instructions on how to log in to ParentVUE.

For those looking to create an account for the first time, individual schools will have sign up forms for ParentVUE accounts.

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