Changes made to county workplace safety policy

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Violence at the workplace can be a scary scenario to imagine, but the Mesa County Commissioners have been thinking about ways to prevent it from happening here.

The county commissioners created a policy to help outline intimidating or offensive behavior that helps county leaders decide how to handle a situation like that.

On Monday the commissioners decided to take another look at the current policy and made several changes.

According to Mesa County Administrator Tom Fisher the changes made during Monday’s meeting were necessary to clear up any gray areas that the original policy had left.

"The county and the commissioners have really concentrated on that this year as something we're going to do to improve the safety of our employees and the public as they use our buildings," said Fisher.

The new policy helps county leaders design programs on workplace safety and helps staff understand what they need to do if violence occurs on the job.

It also invites the different county offices to provide an annual report on any workplace violence situation.

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