Children go for gold on golf green

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. A competition is bringing a sport that appeals mainly to adults and retirees to a younger generation.

41 children golfed at the Lincoln Park Golf Course Tuesday morning for the Colorado PGA drive, chip and putt competition.

"Definitely try it. A lot of kids play or are starting to play," said Lauren Murphy, a 14-year-old competitor. "Even if you're not the best you can still enjoy playing it."

It's the first local qualifier for the competition that's been held in Grand Junction.

19 children will go on to compete at the state level in Aurora August 4.

"It was short. Just focused on drive, chipping and putting," Murphy said. "A lot of the tournaments that I play in is long 18 holes, so that was nice."

The children who qualified for the state competition will have the opportunity to possibly move on to national competitions.

Even if they didn't qualify for the state level, the top three scorers per age group were given awards for each category.

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