Children pulling the trigger

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The accidental death of a shooting instructor by his nine-year-old student in Arizona is sparks debate about children and firearms across the country.

Colorado state law prohibits anyone under the age of 18 from legally purchasing or carrying a gun but with a parent’s permission and supervision minors still have plenty of access to guns.

The Rocky Mountain Gun Club, one of the better known gun ranges here in the valley allows minors to handle guns as long as a legal parent or guardian gives their consent and is present.

They have no height, weight, or age restrictions for their shooters...they say the judgment call isn't in their hands.

“A parent is the one who is responsible for when they want to start a child learning a firearm. We've had a child as young as five years old shooting 22 rifles,” says Carroll Quarles, a range safety instructor at the Rocky Mountain Gun Club.

Restrictions on firearms usage and children vary from range to range.

The only uniform regulations on purchasing and carrying are those enforced by the state of Colorado.

Experts say that children who are exposed to guns should start off with lower caliber firearms and work their way up to avoid any accidents from occurring.

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