Cinnamon Challenge causes serious health concerns

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Grand Junction, Colo (KKCO) --- A cinnamon eating contest that has been around for decades is now gaining momentum due to social media sites like Facebook and YouTube.

The challenge entails eating a spoonful of cinnamon in sixty seconds without drinking any water, which usually results in what is referred to as “dragon breath”, or spitting the spice out of your mouth.

More often than not, people fail the challenge because it's virtually impossible. Nevertheless, the failed videos are posted to YouTube, which is now home to more than 40,000 cinnamon challenge videos, and some even have over one million views.

Doctors warn that attempting this challenge dries the mouth and throat causing choking, coughing, gagging and some times vomiting. In some situations, participants have even inhaled the cinnamon into their lungs, which could cause pneumonia or permanent lung damage.

Although teenagers are the majority age group that tries this, it is also widely recognized in pop culture with reality shows like Myth Busters and comedians such as GloZell performing the painful stunt.

Just last year poison control centers received more than 100 phone calls due to the challenge, and experts fear that number will increase if people do not realize the real dangers behind this challenge.

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