City Council supports Brainard's resignation

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- The Grand Junction City Council votes five to one in support of a resolution asking newly elected city council member Rick Brainard to step down.

Wednesday before the meeting, many gathered to voice their opposition against Brainard, and domestic violence.

City Hall was filled with concerned mothers, wives and husbands, and some painted their faces with bruises and taped their mouths shut with duct tape.

Those who spoke out said while a defendant is innocent until proven guilty, the public opinion court is already in session.

"Innocent until proven guilty, but he has incriminated himself by saying she needed to shut her mouth," said concerned citizen Sally Matchett.

According to the arrest affidavit dated April 6, Rick Brainard initially denied any intentional injuries, but later went on to state he pulled the victim's hair, slapped her face and told her to "shut her mouth."

One man said even if Brainard is found innocent, questions still remain.

"Why the statement and why does the police report say what it does? If the gentlemen doesn't withdraw, he will face a recall," said Joel Dyar.

Brainard's lawyer said he had no comment on the protest or the City Council vote.

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