City more conservative in 2013 budget

The City of Grand Junction is looking to cut back on spending next year.

City Council presented the 2013 budget at its meeting tonight. The total spending budget for next year is $145.8 million dollars, about 19 million less than the 2012 budget.

Operating and labor expenses are increasing to accommodate for 13 new positions, a projected 10 percent increase in healthcare and new facilities.

"We are continuing to be in a mild recovery, I would say. So I think some of the council members said tonight that we're not out of the woods yet, and I would agree with them. So we're being very cautious as we are building back items to our budget," said Jodi Romero, the financial operations director.

Some of the capital projects planned include fire administration, infrastructure for two new truck stops, park renovations-- including Orchard Mesa and Lincoln Park pools-- and water and sewer infrastructure.

There is a public hearing about the budget on Dec. 5.

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