City of Grand Junction steps up to prevent flooding

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Heavy storms are expected throughout Wednesday night into Thursday morning, but Grand Junction street division workers got out early to take preventative measures against flooding.

Crews have been working since the last round of floods two weeks ago to clear areas that are more prone to flooding.

"Trying to bring those areas to a place where we’re hoping they don’t flood again, but again mother nature has her way and we’ll just have to see what happens," said Sam Rainguet, of the city of Grand Junction.

The previous storms dumped .9 inches of rain between July 28th and 29th. More than .75 inches is expected for this set of storms.

"They stay tuned into the National Weather Service and what the forecast is," Rainguet said. "They keep a good eye on that whether it's snow season or rain season, they just want to be ahead of the game a little bit."

A flash flood warning was issued starting at 12 p.m. Wednesday and should continue through 12 a.m. Friday.

Homeowners can help prevent flooding in their neighborhoods by making sure storm drains are clear and removing debris that could clog up drains.

If you do notice flooding, you can call 911 for issues after hours or call the City Shops Complex during business hours at 244-1575.

There is a city crew on stand-by to take care of any problems.

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