Hypnosis helps moms have pain-free child births

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Among the growing options to expectant mothers these days is one that involves no drugs and also no pain.

"My initial reaction is you're nuts, there's no way," said Danny Rivera, who used Hypnobabies with his Amanda Rivera. "I didn't even know if it was real."

Hypnobabies is a program that teaches self hypnosis to help women have a more comfortable birth experience than the stereotypical, painful labor.

"I never had to have any pain medication or epidural or anything," said Amanda Rivera. "I was able to just work with my body and just really control my emotions and how my body was feeling."

Miranda Richardson is the only certified Hypnobabies childbirth hypnosis instructor in Grand Junction and she said her own experience with using hypnosis during labor was what led her to want to teach others.

"I had an amazing birth. It was an unexpected home birth and it was painless as well, only two hours," Richardson said. "I was just so empowered by the experience I wanted to share that."

One of the techniques Richardson teaches is called the finger drop, which teaches students to relax all the muscles in their bodies just by putting their fingers down.

"They really learn in their inner mind that they can have an easy birth," she said. "They really let go of all the fears that they have about child birth."

Hypnobabies has a 70% success rate.

Richardson teaches group Hypnobabies classes for six week sessions at Two Rivers Birth Services.

She'll also travel all over the Western Slope for private classes.

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