Clifton neighborhood suspects foul play after several dogs let loose

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CLIFTON, Colo. If you own a dog, It's not surprising if they find a way to break the barriers and get loose, But an unusual amount of dogs had escaped from their yards early Monday all at the same time. That has folks in this Clifton neighborhood asking "who let the dogs out?"

Around noon on Monday residents say four Mesa County Sheriffs Deputies and animal services responded to this Clifton neighborhood off of 32 Road, when several dogs got loose. There were no crimes at the scene so no reports were filed, but dog owners in this pet-friendly neighborhood aren't totally convinced.

"It would be on thing if it was just our gate or there gate, or somebody down on 32 road, but no. All of them? Somebody had to have done something," said dog owner and neighborhood resident Kristy Green.

Green's pups were inside at the time, but the gate of next door neighbor Heather Smith's was found ajar.

Just in their area, Green estimates that more than five gates opened up, allowing the dogs in the yards out- and they're not the only ones.

"I read a couple things on Facebook where other subdivisions next to there were open too," Smith said.

To them, it's more than a coincidence that the majority of the neighborhood's gates were open at the same time. They've also seen chain-graffiti vandalism recently. Now they're taking steps to protect their property..

"We went ahead and put padlocks on our gate so it wouldn't happen again."

"The gates are latched," added Green. "We all have dogs, we all want to keep them in. They're latched tight. You have to open them to get the gates open, and the dogs can't do it."

In addition to putting locks on their gates, the neighborhood is having a get-together this weekend for everyone and their dogs to get to know each other. The Sheriff's office also says it's good to notify them of any suspicious incidents.

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