Clifton tests for benzene

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CLIFTON, Colo. (KKCO)-- Local water quality is getting a lot of attention in the Grand Valley after a benzene leak near Parachute, and some worry the contaminant could reach the Colorado River.

Clifton Water District officials want customers to know they started testing the water about a month ago and haven't detected any concentrations of benzene.

"Taking the initiative and being a little bit proactive to get the information out there," said Clifton Water District Manager Dale Tooker. "We are not just sitting back and waiting for something to happen."

Samples are taken once a week from three locations in the valley: the Grand Valley Canal, the intake at 34 Road and in De Beque Canyon.

Tooker said they will continue testing the raw water samples until the benzene issue near Parachute is cleared up.

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