Clinic makes way for the Afforadable Care Act

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Serving the community for over 25 years, marillac clinic offers medical, dental, and optical services to the uninsured of the Western Slope.

Since many of their patients will be eligible for coverage under the affordable care act, they've decided to broaden community outreach instead of turning people away.

"What we have done internally at the clinic is to really expand our services to be able to serve more individuals," tells us Christy Schmidt, Community Director of Marillac Clinic.

Along with hiring more medical staff, marillac clinic is incorporating new programs that cater to many of the benefits of new healthcare plans.

The Marillac Clinic is getting ready for their biggest fundraising event of the year that takes place this Sunday, March 30th.

It's the 4th annual Edesia food and wine event at the wine country in, and all proceeds benefit the medical services at Marillac.

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