Club 20 fosters future leadership

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The future leaders of the Western Slope are getting tips on how to make sure the region's voice continues to be heard.

80 people attended Club 20's third annual leadership conference Friday.

Presentations centered around the concept of resiliency because the Western Slope still hasn't gotten out of the recession, especially compared to other areas of Colorado.

Speakers discussed what business owners, non-profits and local governments need to do to stay strong while the economy is still recovering.

"Help people to develop the leadership skills they need to move into positions that might not be comfortable today, but at some point we need to look to them for leadership," said Bonnie Petersen, executive director of Club 20.

The conference attracted people of all ages from across the Western Slope.

Club 20 is made up of local governments, business and individuals from the 22 counties of Western Colorado.

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