Collbran prepares for another possible slide

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COLLBRAN, Colo. The Town of Collbran is still reeling from the mudslide that caused the disappearance of three men this week and Thursday evening they learned about the potential danger of yet another slide.

The town meeting started as an informative session, giving those working most closely with the slide a chance to explain what they've learned so far and then it became a question and answer session for Collbran residents to express their concerns.

There is concern for another slide because of water possibly flowing underneath the slip surface and some locals have evacuated, but residents say no matter what, the town is a family, and they'll continue to push through.

"We've had a lot of struggles this year," says Luann Wallace, a 40-year resident of Collbran. "With this and the plane crash last year and we just pull together when somebody needs help."

The Mesa County Emergency Manager spoke at the meeting and talked about a tiered emergency notification system, the top and foremost of which being for those people who live on Salt Creek rd, just below the slide.

Authorities revealed more information about a pond forming, being slowly filled by waterfalls, that is smaller than many had originally imagined - only about 200 ft. by 200 ft. and less than 10 ft. deep.

They also say they'll be installing automatic cameras to keep an eye on potential problem areas, to try and "outsmart the mountain."

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