Colo. military mum on purported N Korean threat

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (AP) -- Military officials aren't commenting on a purported North Korean threat to fire missiles at Colorado Springs, home to a large military presence including U.S. Northern Command, which is responsible for homeland defense.

The alleged threat came in a video over the weekend and also named Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Hawaii. The authenticity of the video could not immediately be confirmed.

Northern Command said Monday it adjusts its readiness level as events require but doesn't discuss specifics.

Colorado Springs is also home to the North American Aerospace Defense Command, Air Force Space Command, the Air Force Academy and Fort Carson, a large Army infantry post.

Fort Carson defers to Northern Command on security issues, a post spokeswoman said. Space Command and Air Force Academy spokesmen didn't immediately return calls.

In the propaganda video, a narrator discusses North Korea's plan to attack Colorado Springs, while a trajectory and explosion are shown on a map, according to our sister station KUSA. However, the explosion takes place somewhere near Shreveport, La., which is about 900 miles southeast of Colorado Springs, begging the question: Does someone in North Korea think the city is in the Deep South?

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