Colorado child care centers prepare for emergencies

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ORCHARD MESA, COlo. Natural disasters and violence have struck schools all over the country and now Colorado is preparing more than ever for any kind of threat to student safety at all age levels.

Saving the Children, a national commission, looks at each state's requirements for schools to prepare for emergencies and found significant improvement for Colorado.

"Nobody knows how you're going to react when you have a natural disaster or you have an emergency, so it's just important to practice all the time," said Mara Morgan, of Smiley Face Center 'A Kid City.'

Along with public schools, private child care centers are required by the state to have specific plans set for all kinds of emergencies.

"Hurricanes, even though we don't have hurricanes here, in our policy book we have to have a plan," Morgan said.

The preschool regularly holds fire drills, earthquake drills and even mock intruder situations.

Last year, Colorado only met two of the 'Save the Children' criteria, family reunification planning and K-12 disaster plans. The state improved upon the other two standards this year, evacuation and relocation plans for child care centers and plans for children with special needs.

Colorado achieved a clean sweep for all four of the assessment categories along with 28 other states.

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