Colorado rivers feel the impact of low water levels in 2012

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) – Water levels were low in 2012 hurting commercial use on Colorado’s rivers. It's the second highest drop since 1990, but the impact was not felt as much on the western slope.

In a recent report, conducted by the Colorado River Outfitters Association, overall Colorado’s rafting industry showed a solid drop in the number of user days in 2012.

However, the Colorado River between Glenwood Springs and Utah was the second most used in the state, second only to the Arkansas River.

Tom Kleinschnitz, chairmen of Colorado River Outfitters explains that the lower levels just bring in different clients "levels were pretty low and that made for more family trips, so that changed some of the clientele, some of the early clientele are people that really like that adrenaline or fast moving water that didn't appear for very long this last year, so we were able to take family trips and more of the youth groups sooner."

In 2012, the Colorado River from Glenwood Springs down had an economic impact of just under 20 million dollars. Overall the total economic impact in the state from rafting was over one hundred million dollars. The River Outfitters have been collecting data on Colorado Rivers for the past 20 years.

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