Colorado small businesses hired more in September

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - Small business hires in Colorado are on the rise, hitting .3% higher than August's results.

Bulldog Machine and Production has added 19 employees in the past year and one in the past month, but they're not done yet.

"We'd like to add another two machinists," said Malea McPherson, PIO for Bulldog Machine and Production. "I think right now, politically, they're waiting for the election in November. There's a lot of things that are going to affect small businesses depending on who gets in the white house."

These businesses throughout Mesa County that have chosen to expand in size and in employment despite the economy are making a big difference.

"I've been looking for a shop job for three months and just wasn't looking in the right places," said new hire Rober Vreeland.

He said that he should have been sitting down when he received a call saying he got the job. His excitement could barely be contained, but he's not the only one receiving good news.

"Thirteen businesses brought in 54 jobs and new hires into the Grand Valley," said Betsy Bair from the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce. "Every job counts, and small businesses are who are hiring right now."

And for some, that comes as no surprise.

"Historically, it is small businesses that create most of the jobs in our country," said Julie Morey, Grand Junction Business Incubator. "That just confirms to me what I already knew."

The need for jobs just continues to increase, proving that anything will help.

"When we put an add out on our website ore even through print media, we get hundreds of applications just to fill a couple of positions," said McPherson.

According to those at the Chamber of Commerce, a change in the current economic situation will only come with one thing.

"If the economy is going to turn around, we believe small business is going to do that."

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