Commissioners approve plans for new Workforce Center

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Today's competitive job market has Mesa County leaders working hard to fund and create the best resources for job seekers in our community. County Commissioners approved the construction plans for a new Mesa County Workforce Center.

"I think that's awesome it just gives more people more opportunities to get jobs and its great that they have people like this helping people everyday," said Mesa County Resident Matt Lesher.

The new facility will be located at 29 and 1/2 Road behind the Community Services building.

"With the location of the future workforce center on the property next to the community service building so clients served by DHS, Health Department and Workforce Center will all be able to get their services in one area," said Mesa County Regional Services Director Donna Ross.

Director of the Workforce Center, Sue Tuffin said they currently see between ten and twelve thousand individuals a month, and a new larger facility is much needed.

"As well as we are going to have a business center which will be a large multifaceted multiuse facility, that will allow us to do our hiring events inside instead of renting a tent," said Tuffin.

The facility will cost $5.4 million dollars, which is slightly under budget. Construction is set to begin in March of 2013 and finish up next December.

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