Commit to a new pet before bringing it home

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Many consider adding a new pet to the family during he holidays, and those at Roist Hurst Humane Society said, it can be a great gift idea as long as the new owners are committed.

"We make the commitment beforehand sometimes we do it like a surprise a little bit like last minute, but we know that we are okay and can take care of the pets before we get them," said Grand Junction pet owner Lindsay Green.

Green said giving a pet during the holidays can be really nice as long as you feel confident the person is ready for a new family member.

"You always kind of have to be watching them like toddlers so they don't get into food or the garbage," said Green.

For those looking to adopt a pet the staff at Roist Hurst Humane Society said it's important to have your ducks in a row before coming in.

"You have to have your landlords approval or we have to verify that you own and you have to give a couple of references to cal," said Roist Hurst Office Counselor Courtney Johnson.

Johnson said return rates have dropped a lot recently and attributes that to the shelter's application process.

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