Community comes together to garden

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MONTROSE, Colo. The Montrose community garden officially opened during Earth Week last week, and now has residents getting dirty and planting all different types of fruits and vegetables.

Residents were able to sign up by applying through the city with fees starting at $15 for each plot; water, fertilized soil, and the raised up plots were all included.

City officials said they put money towards this community garden in last year’s budget, and hope that with the huge amount of community support they'll be able to add more gardens.

Residents said they were thrilled at the idea, and love being able to work alongside their friends in the garden.

“The soil is furnished out here the water is furnished, and to me it's just a nice experience,” said Phoebe Kirk one of the plot owners at the community garden.

City officials said they are excited about the high level of interest the community has shown and was impressed with how quickly the 42 plots filled up.

"It'll be really neat to see how it works this year, it's kind of a community gathering spot," said John Harris with the City’s Public Works.

Montrose has partnered up with LiveWell Montrose-Olathe, The Farmer’s Market, and The Valley Food Organization to help promote being active and eating healthy.

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