Community's effort toward paying off Stocker Stadium renovations

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The community is gearing up for another baseball season at the newly renovated Suplizio Field, but the renovations are still being paid off.

JUCO members counted on teh community to raise or donate one million dollars for the renovations and that money came by way of personal and business donations, and grants.

Tonight City Council members acknolwledged the community's effort and thanked JUCO Tournament Chair Jamie Hamilton for his dedication to the project.

The stadium renovations that were completed last may will take 25 years to pay off. The total cost is $8.3 million dollars and 7.3 million were bonded and that is being paid off in 300 thousand dollar installments.

At tonight's City Council meeting Hamilton represented JUCO and the City Council thanked him for the second payment towards the 25 year commitment.

"We are also pleased to be able to give them additional half a million dollars on dollars we raised in the community, grants, personal checks and businesses and be able to show the commitment and the great partnership that we have with the city of grand junction," said Jamie Hamilton, JUCO Tournament Chair.

The 500 thousand dollars raised is in addition to the normal payment, and satisfies the one million dollars needed from the community.

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