Compressed Natural Gas fueling future of public transportation

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. As compressed natural gas grows as an alternative fuel, Grand Valley Transit buses will be keeping up with the green trend.

Mesa County commissioners approved $145,000 to go to buying five new CNG buses.

"We're taking advantage of a resource that's in our own backyard," said Todd Hollenbeck, of the Mesa County Regional Transportation Office. "To be able to put that to use and put that on the street certainly is of value."

There's an extra expense to purchase CNG vehicles compared to diesel, but fuel savings help Grand Valley Transit recover that cost within a few years.

Four GVT buses already run on CNG fuel.

"We're seeing a huge savings in terms of the price of compressed natural gas and the benefit to the community is really big," Hollenbeck said.

There are 26 GVT buses total and all of them are set to be replaced with CNG vehicles by 2020.

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