Construction on the Avalon Theatre is officially underway

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) – It’s been an anchor in downtown Grand Junction and brought decades of music, movies and memories to folks across the Western Slope. Thursday marked the state of an exciting remodeling process for the Avalon Theatre.

Many people are happy to see a bright future for the historic building with the Avalon Theatre renovation project, but the road here wasn't without its challenges. Avalon Foundation officials say they couldn't have broken ground without their supporters in the community.

"It really was a game changer to get this project approved and gave us their time and money and wrote letters and have been behind us through this whole thing," Avalon Cornerstone Project spokesperson Robin Brown said.

Support for this 1923 building has been strong over the past 91 years. Its seats have been filled for nearly a century with performing arts lovers, but the building was showing its age and needed serious help to continue hosting events for future generations.

Years of fundraising pushed the project forward, but stressful deliberation by a new city council nearly shuttered its elegant glass doors this summer. Finally officials got the green light to bring break ground on bringing the building up to date, which will bring in even bigger acts.

"We are going to have a beautiful theatre, we are going to get people from all over the country, performers coming here, we really are a regional theatre," city councilman Bennett Boeschenstein said.

For supporters Thursday afternoon, it was like sitting back for another performance as new and old residents watched the groundbreaking show that will bring new life to the Avalon.

The Avalon Theatre will be remodeling for the next 300 days, which will conclude the first phase.

The Avalon board is also still looking for additional funding to provide for the other improvements they're hoping to make.

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