Controversy continues to surround the Brady Trucking property

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Controversy continues to surround the industrial development of a property that is located along the river and next to two parks.

Brady Trucking has been trying to start construction on the property for nearly 5 years, but has hit several road blocks including a successful petition to stop any industrial construction.

Last September City Council members passed a motion to put the zoning issue on the April 2013 ballot.

Wednesday night the ballot wording passed in a 5 to 1 vote and the Vice President of Brady Trucking said he is pleased to move forward. The adopted motion didn't come without some opposition from concerned community members.

"And have a barrier and landscaping and a wall and fence up so that people can continue to enjoy the river unimpeded by our existence there and we can continue to use our property and develop our business," said Brady Trucking Vice President Chuck Johnson.

"The election that is coming up in April is a very important election it is going to determine the character of the south downtown river front for the next several generations to come," said concerned community member Harry Griff.

Both Griff and Johnson say they will spend the coming months leading up to the vote in April, working to inform community members on each of their views.

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