Cooking class helps families prepare healthy meals

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) Since 1994, Cooking Matters has helped over 10,000 low income families in Colorado learn how to make healthy meals while staying in their budget.

Haylee Miller is in 5th grade and goes to classes to learn about ways to make herself nutritious food. She said one of her new favorite treats is a spinach smoothie, made out of fruits and vegetables.

That is just one of the recipes instructors have for students. They can also learn how to make, sushi, healthy pizza and sweet potato fries.

Kimberly Potter is a coordinator at Hilltop Residential Youth Services, where they just wrapped up a six week long series of Cooking Matters classes and said kids also learn just how bad some food is for you.

"How much fat is actually in fast food and they used Crisco lard and put it on the plate and it was ridiculous, but it made the point across the hands on approach worked really well with them," Potter.

Cooking Matters is always looking for volunteers to help during classes.

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