Corn crop shaping up

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GRAND JUNCTION They say "Knee high by the fourth of July" and probably have a pretty good crop of corn on your hands.

Although it's more like shoulder high in Colorado, it is turning out to be the case for many farmers including John Harold from Tuxedo Corn Company.

He says his crop is about a week behind because of the indecisive spring weather, but it's shaping up to be a very good batch of sweet corn. There were a number of factors that helped him out this year.

"The crops are doing well," Harold said. "The weather is cooperating and it's probably the best water year in the last 25 years, as far as supply."

Harold says they have been working hard to keep the process going and the silk on the plants let's him know his plants are doing well.
He is expecting to start picking a week from Monday so his crop will be ready with plenty of time left before the Olathe Sweet Corn Festival.

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