Could contaminants get in our water supply?

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - A boil advisory for the City of Brighton has been extended after tests for e. Coli turned up positive. But could something similar happen here?

We asked the experts at Ute Water about our own water, and they assure us this isn't an issue they expect to see locally due to their extensive testing.

"We visit our reservoirs regularly and we sample all of our source waters before we even get them monthly," says Joann Sauvage of Ute Water. "We look at all different aspects of them."

Ute Water officials also visit distribution sample locations and look at disinfection byproducts and inorganics to ensure the quality of your water is good.

Officials say they just received their Water Quality Report, which states drinking water in our area is safe from all contaminants.

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