Council can't make a decision on new member

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo (City of Grand Junction) -- Tonight, following a two-hour long question and answer session with five candidates, City Council arrived at a tie vote on who should be appointed to fill the remainder of the term of the District E City Council seat.

Because the tie could not be broken, City Council opted to start the application process over. A number of questions that ranged from panhandling to capital projects to property rights were posed to all five of the Council candidates: Martha Barrett Scott, Teresa D. Black, Kenneth L. Harris, Duncan McArthur and Les Miller.

After all candidates had the opportunity to respond to the slate of questions, City Council convened a formal meeting at which they discussed the interviews and roll was called to determine each Councilmember’s preferred candidate.

A 3 to 3 tie was generated for Les Miller and Duncan McArthur, with Councilmembers Boeschenstein, Brainard and Doody voting for Miller; and Chazen, Norris and Susuras voting for McArthur. The application process for the vacant seat will start over and the details on the timeline of that process will be forthcoming.

The vacancy was created as a result of the death of Councilmember Harry Butler in early June

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