Country Jam ends, clean up begins

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MACK, Colo. All the music, camping and summer fun at Major Mortgage Country Jam may be over, but it left some work in its wake.

Early this morning, Collbran Job Corps students and staff started the clean up process for the main area and the campground.

"I start hyperventilating first then we come up with a game plan," said Gove Aker, of the Collbran Job Corps. "It's a lot of trash."

131 students and 25 staff members pitched in to collect tons of trash.

It's the 15th year the group has worked clean up and set up for the festival.

"We got the jam down so well as far as cleaning it," Aker said. "We get that done in two and a half hours in the morning. In the 15 years I've been doing this, this is the biggest I've ever seen as far as the campground goes."

The campground requires the most time and effort due to thousands of campers living in the area for four days.

Collbran Job Corps students also play critical roles during festival for clean up between days, preparing VIP buffet food and setting up chairs.

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