El Paso County judge receiving death threats

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EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (AP) Several state and federal law enforcement agencies are investigating a case involving a prison gang issuing death threats against an El Paso county judge.

Judge Jonathan Walker, who was involved in investigating the murder of Tom Clements, went into hiding earlier this month.

According to the Denver Post, he was apparently warned that the 211 crew prison gang leaders ordered a hit against him in retaliation for his part in the Clements' case, according to an anonymous source. The source also claims that there are allegations that Clements' murder was ordered by a white supremacist prison gang.

The judge had signed about 20 search warrants against gang members so that police officers could search their homes and cell phone records.

Clements was allegedly murdered by parolee Evan Ebel, who was then killed in a shootout with deputies in Texas.

Judge Walker is expected to return to his courtroom this morning under heavy police security.

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