Craigslist scam deprives local man of large sum

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - Jerry Dvorak is a hardworking single father of two little girls. Unfortunately, internet scammers don't take that into account when they attempt to steal money.

Last week Jerry fell prey to scammer pretending to sell a home in downtown Grand Junction. The man, who said he had moved to New Jersey, conned Jerry out of over $2,000 by appearing to be trustworthy.

"We exchanged emails and text messages all week. I thought I could trust the guy but now he has me and my family in a bind. We're going to get evicted from the place we're living now, and I'm broke, everything in my bank account he has" says Dvorak.

There is at least one person at his side; in fact, his sister Kelly Clingman attempted a scam of her own. She approached the man via email pretending to be another interested buyer. But when she called him out on not knowing anyone in Grand Junction, her plan fell apart.

"That's when I just went off," says Clingman, "I let him know that Jerry is my brother".

Eventually they found the true landlord, who although had received a call about a scam on her property earlier in the week was unable to find the Craigslist post.

Now the man won't respond to either Jerry or Kelly's phone calls, but the fact they have his phone number may lead to some sort of retribution for the family.

Jerry says if anyone can help them avoid eviction, please give him a call at 970-208-5143.

Scamming on the internet is becoming more pervasive, and it's important potential buyers approach any sale with caution.

There are many ways to root out a scammer, including asking them to meet you at the home, give you directions to the house, or even name some of the neighboring towns.

Often if a person is scamming you, they'll know very little about the area around he home they're selling. Also look for small mistakes in the advertisement, such as referring to a "street" as an "avenue".

Most importantly, never give anyone money unless you know the person you're giving it to, and know what you're getting for it.

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