Creating a secure, safe learning environment

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FRUITA, Colo. School shootings and threats to our students have become all too common in the last several years and now Fruita Middle School parents are stepping up to keep their children safe.

At an event Sunday, students, families, school staff and other community members came together to "Make a Splash" while raising money for a new security door for the school - and it's something administrators say is much needed.

"We want to try to put a safety net in place," says Assistant Principal, Larry Padgett. "This wall would provide a security when people come in they just cant get into our schools."

The PTA took up the task of finding funds for the door a few months ago with a target of $10-thousand and after the event they have raised a total of about $33-hundred.

If you'd like to donate, send a check to Fruita Middle School and make it out to Fruita Middle School PTA.

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