Crime Stoppers, law enforcement teach internet safety

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Crime Stoppers of Mesa County is teaming up with the sheriff's office, offering classes each month to help keep our community safe.

Tuesday, parents and students gathered at Grand Junction High School, learning safe internet practices and cyber security. With the explosion of internet use on smart phones and tablets, kids have more ways than ever they could encounter predators online, Tuesday’s class designed to give parents an idea of what kids are up to so they can work to keep their children safe.

"There's parental controls that they can put on computers, there's restrictions that you can do for cell phones, but the big thing really is understanding the landscape of the technology, and talking with your kids about it, and being upfront with them about the dangers, you have to educate them about the dangers,” community outreach deputy Chad Williams said.

The class brought up local cases to leave kids with something that will hit close to home. One tip for parents is to watch out for is texting apps, because you may think you have your kids' texts blocked but the apps allow them to text any way.

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